Designing a Diverse Tech Sector


What We Do

Codely offers Full Stack Web Development and Data Engineering bootcamps designed to provide women as well as trans and non-binary students with the foundations needed to launch their careers in tech.

Based in Barcelona, Spain—the growing technical hub of Europe—Codely offers full- and part-time curriculum taught by senior-level professionals.

Codely's international students receive in-person instruction in group classes, as well as ongoing individual mentorship, career guidance, and employer connections.

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Why Codely?

Codely’s curricula prioritizes a strong understanding in the foundations of computer science, iterative individual and group work that simulates realistic business problems, and rigorous training in leading industry technologies. While each course focuses on a specific technological framework, the core curriculum ultimately teaches students how to become adaptive thinkers and problem-solvers in a changing technical environment.


Industry-Ready Education

Codely's curriculum was developed using evidence-based learning strategies that combine scaffolding, mentoring, formative feedback, retrospectives, and project work. We make sure that your learning experience and outcome are up to industry standards.


Kick-start Your career

Our network of hiring partners will coach and link you to companies ranging from start-ups and small businesses to multinational corporations. Your success is our success, which is why we provide ongoing support even after you graduate.


Discover a Community

Access Barcelona’s hotspot for innovation: Spaces 22. At Spaces 22, you’ll have full access to regular networking events, yoga classes, an open seating plan, and an outdoor terrace perfect for breaks in the sun.



Why choose a coding bootcamp specially designed for women?

Research has shown that women who attend single-sex schools are more likely to achieve well at school, be confident of their abilities – all of which are highly advantageous in the development of their careers and in achieving their leadership potential. 


Why study in Spain ? 

Develop your technical profile while living in Southern Europe

Our Advisory Board 

Thanks to a global and diversified network, we stay aligned with industry trends and market needs. Our global advisory network has expertise in: leadership, technical recruitment, engineering, and education. 


Megan Garcia

Software Investment Advisory Senior Manager
Oracle, San Jose

Chris SuTter

Senior Software Engineer
Google, New York

Argentina Lario Lago

Scientist, PhD in Molecular Neuroscience
UCSF, San Francisco

Jessica Kaplan

Head of Technical Talent Acquisition
Delta Dental, San Francisco

Jesus Martinez Manso 

Senior Machine Learning Engineer Planet, San Francisco