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Codely’s bootcamps combine high impact, evidence-based teaching with the most common tools used in the industry. Students learn advanced material in small cohorts of no more than 12 students and receive regular individual feedback through in-class solution lectures, weekly individual assessments and group retrospectives.

Full Stack Development

Codely's full and part time full stack development bootcamp is built to prepare students for careers in the technology industry as entry-level software engineers. Students begin the program focused on programming fundamentals, advanced JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms. They learn to develop complete applications using the latest technologies including: Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Scrum and Heroku. The final weeks focus on developing full-stack applications from scratch and career preparation activities.

Prerequisite: no technical or programming background required

open Enrollment

Full Time 11-Week Bootcamp

June 10, 2019 - August 23, 2019

September 2, 2019 - November 15, 2019

Part Time 6-Month Bootcamp

September 2, 2019 - January 31, 2020
(two evenings a week & occasional Saturdays)

Big Data Engineering

Codely’s premier 6-week big data engineering bootcamp is designed to advance the careers of women who are either working or studying in a technical field. In this course, students learn about the technologies behind the data management and data quality needed to support an organization’s data science workflow.

Beginning first with a clear understanding of the use and limitations of traditional data warehousing tools, students learn when and how to apply the latest open-source technologies used within various Cloud frameworks. Students build data pipelines, stitch data together using scripting languages, work with DBA to construct data stores as well as learn how to scale machine learning projects. The technologies used in this course include the Hadoop Distributed File System, Docker, MongoDB, Google Cloud’s Big Query, AWS Redshift, Spark, Kafka, Beam and Airflow.

Prerequisite: technical background required

open Enrollment

Full Time 6-Week Bootcamp

May 27, 2019 - July 6, 2019

November 4, 2019 - December 13, 2019

Course Breakdown

WeekFull Stack DevelopmentBig Data Engineering
0Warm-Up: Basic Exercises & LiteratureAdvanced SQL, Introduction to Data Science, Relational Databases and Moving Beyond
1JavaScript Fundamentals Distributed Architectures I: Hadoop Ecosystem, Containers, Cloud Solutions
2Advanced Fundamentals Distributed Architectures II: Hadoop Ecosystem, Containers, Cloud Solutions
3Data Structures and the DOM Non-SQL Databases: Apache HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Cloud Solutions
4Front End Frameworks: ReactJS, Vue.jsData Processing: Spark
5Servers and Databases: RESTful APIs, Node.js/Express, SQL, Schema Design Streamings: Spark, Kafka and Beam
6Project I MVP: Technical Design & Building End-to-End SolutionsOrchestration/Deployment: Building End-to-End Solutions
7Project II: Existing Codebase
8-10Project III Collaborative App: Collaboration, Advanced Git, Deployment
11Interview Prep & Career Development: Resume Development, Interviewing Strategies

Daily Structure

Typical daily and weekly structure of our 6- and 11-week bootcamps

Weeks 1-6

Weeks 7-10

Week 11


10.00AM-11:00AMLecture I
11:00AM-1:00PMActivity I
1:00PM-1:30PMReview I
2:30PM-3:30PMLecture II
3:30PM-5:00PMActivity II
5:00PM-7:00PMStudy Group
9.30AM-10:30AMCoding Challenge
10:30AM-10:45AMSolution Review
11:00AM-1:30PMProject Work & 1:1 Support
2:30PM-5:00PMProject Work & 1:1 Support
In the last week of the program, students receive intensive career guidance. This isn’t just another tutorial in writing a CV or setting up a LinkedIn page. Rather, students go in-depth into the following blocks:

Tackling the Impostor Syndrome
Female Leadership
Using LaTeX
Negotiating Effectively: Equity and Salary
Personal Branding
Job Search Strategy
Theoretical Concept Reviews
Technical Interviewing

The career module includes opportunities to interview with startups, small companies, and multinational corporations in Barcelona.
Every Friday students are given a half-day exam which covers the concepts learned in the past week. This enables us to immediately troubleshoot any problem areas a student may have and to provide additional support during the weekend as needed. Friday afternoons include retrospective check-ins, and guest speakers who work in the fields of QA, data science, data engineering, product, UX, Agile project managment, etc.


All Codely bootcamps cost €7800 (tax included)

Deferred payment plan

Start the program with as little as €1500 through our monthly installment plan

The Locals Discount

Spanish residents receive 20% off tuition—bringing the cost to €6240 (tax included)


Limited partial scholarships available through our various community partnerships

Community Partnerships & Events

From cyborg activism to data journalism—the field is rich and we like to inspire you through sharing our diverse community with you.